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Dogeeshop's Latest items
Furniture March 9, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 40.61 Ð (approx. $11.28)

The Magnetic Cloud Key Holder is a straight-forward and minimalist gadget that is both functionally ingenious and stylish. Shaped like an embellished cloud from a child's drawing, the Magnetic Cloud Key Holder can hold a large number of keys thanks to its strong (but not too strong) magnet and its a...

Cell Phones - Accessories March 3, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 15,179.00 Ð (approx. $4,215.21)

Features 1.It can suck on glass/mobile phones/blackboard/PC etc. 2.Bluetooth V3.0 3.Loudspeaker output : 3W RMS 4.Support hands-free phone call 5.Operation range:up to 15 meters 6.Frequency response: 100Hz to 20kHz 7.Signal-to-noise: ≥75dB 8.Distortion: ≤1.0% 9.Built-in Li-polymer battery(400mAh) / ...

Furniture March 3, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 18,821.00 Ð (approx. $5,226.59)

Time can be; smart, clever, functional and simple with this cube teak alarm clock. This cube teak clock can tell you the time, date and temperature alternately in red LED colour on a teak wood-effect block. It can light up at the click of your fingers and automatically switches off when the room is ...

Other items March 3, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 6,828.00 Ð (approx. $1,896.14)

The Credit card knife is an ultra-light and ultra-thin utility knife that fits comfortably into your wallet. At 2.2mm thin, the 13-gram Credit card knife transforms from a credit card sized sheet into a well-balanced knife with a sturdy handle. The waterproof Credit card knife features a nearly 3-in...

Garden March 3, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 18,562.00 Ð (approx. $5,154.67)

Do you feel as if you’d more easily thrive in a Dr. Seuss-type world, where everything’s upside-down and topsy-turvy? Maybe plants do too. One way to find out is by growing a plant in the peculiar Sky Planter Upside-Down Plant Pot. Feeding plants from their roots first makes a ton of sense. It’s sor...

Clothing March 3, 2014 Lyon (Rhône)
Price: 11,811.00 Ð (approx. $3,279.91)

Get medieval on winter with the Medieval Knight Hat. This ultra-soft and handmade acrylic beanie features all the trimmings of a middle ages horseman. The Medeival Knight Hat is adorned with a prototypical crown (aka fin) and outfitted with a pivoting and detachable visor. You can find it here: http...

Animals February 24, 2014 Lyon (Rhône-Alpes)
Price: 8,771.00 Ð (approx. $2,435.71)

Pet seat belts are essential when traveling with your pet to protect not only your furry friend, but you and your passengers as well. Free shipping worldwide! You can find it at: