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4 How to Create a Daily Yoga Habit Tutorial
Health - Beauty - Fitness | February 7, 2015 | Price: 39.16 Ð (approx. $10.88)

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1 Send Doge to the moon !!
Health - Beauty - Fitness | February 20, 2014 | (Moon) | Price: 5.00 Ð (approx. $1.39)

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1 Online Personal Training
Health - Beauty - Fitness | February 20, 2014 | Price: 50,000.00 Ð (approx. $13,885.00)

Reach your fitness and weight potential with bespoke training sessions designed just for you. Work with you one-to-one online to create a personalised program tailored to your specific needs to enable you to achieve your fitness goals and timeline. A...

1 4 week fat loss nutrition plan
Health - Beauty - Fitness | February 20, 2014 | Sydney(Sydney) | Price: 50,000.00 Ð (approx. $13,885.00)

Healthy eating and nutrition plan tailored to match your preferences and dietary requirements. A 4 week fat loss program that is effective and easy to follow. This nutrition plan is based on the scientific studies of Dr Michael Greger (nutritionfacts...

1 The Bradzter - Nutritionist Services
Health - Beauty - Fitness | February 19, 2014 | Hamilton(New Zealand) | Price: 43,000.00 Ð (approx. $11,941.10)

I am a fully qualified online PT/Nutritionist offering 25% discount on all of my products when purchased with Dogecoin! One meal plan is 43000 Doge at time of writing! I GUARANTEE RESULTS or your money back! I offer flexible dieting meal plans that a...