How Does it Work

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For advertisers

To advertise you need to create a free account. You are then able to log in and create ads by clicking the "Publich your ad!" button in the top right corner.

You then taken to a page where you have to enter some information about your ad.


This is used to help put your ad in the right place so people can find it. Having clothes show up in the middle of computer hardware wouldn't be ideal.


This is the title that will be shown to users. Think of it as a quick attention grabber that should give enough information about your ad to let people understand what it is.


Here is where you enter any descriptive text you might have. Information such as shipping etc would also fit in here.


The price in Dogecoin. If the price is for one unit and you have several, state that in the description text.


You can add pictures to your ad to show the item of to potential buyers.

Listing Location

This bit can help you quite a bit if you use it correctly. Visitors of the site have the possibility to filter ads on a whole range of levels. If you show up in those or not is dependent on your settings here.
Not entering any location will make your ad visible everywhere. This is great if you have world wide shipping of something and want to make the ad available to everyone.

If you wish to narrow your geographical focal point you can do this by selecting the country you wish to show the ad in. You can also enter the region, city or even street to make your ad show up on the right place on the map. This is great if you have a local store or something.
In the future it will be possible for visitors to filter the ads on the region, city and street level to.

Please note that on the main page, visitors can see all ads.


This option makes life much easier on you and makes the major problem with Dogecoin commerce (the fluctuating value of the coin) a problem of the past. With it, your set price in Dogecoin is tied to the current value in USD. If the value then rise or fall your price is automaticaly updated to reflect this. No more need to manually updated prices due to changes in value!


Visitors on the site will be able to contact you regarding your ad through an on-site form which in turn will send an email out to you. Make sure that the domain is whitelisted by your email client so you don't miss an important mail.

Validate yourself

To help people make a decision to buy something from you we have included ways for you to validate information about yourself. This is found under the section "Validate user infromation" in your profile menu. This can include validating that you are a specific web sites owens, own a specific Reddit account, hold a specific phone number etc.


For buyers

Visitors are free to browse the site. But we encourrage people to create a FREE account to be able to use all the sites features. On the main page you can filter your search on a given country by the list on the right and is then taken to a search page where you can refine your search even more. More ways of refining your search will be added in the future.

Here you can also subscribe to your search so you never miss a new listing that you might be interested in.

Once you see something you like you can click the item to get a description of the item. You are then free to contact the seller and make any arrangements needed to go through with your purchase.

Note that it's also possible to create ads of your own with information about what you wish to buy and then be contacted by people who have the item you request.

Stay safe

In order to help you stay safe when doing business we encourrage you ti use an escrow service when paying. A link to an escrow service provider can be found in the Useful information section when viewing an item.

Also, look at a users's validated information to learn more about the user so you can make an educated decision about doing business with someone. Validated information means that the users has followed steps dictated by SuchList to prove that he/she owns/controlls the validated information.