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Category: Dogecoin Published date: March 7, 2017 , Modified date: March 13, 2017

Only every Moonday!

Dogecoin can be what ever you want it to be! We can skip the online price and do what we want!

**1 Eur, 1 USD, 1 CNY, 1 Pineapple, 1 Potato, 1 Smile, or whatever you want it to be!**

You can just do as I do and together we can reach the moon in half the time! ;-)


That said let's lay out the rules for our little Moonpledge:



1. Create a new listing here on suchlist.com where you sell something for one Doge and start the tile with: "1Doge"

Example: 1Doge - And your amazing thing you sell for one Doge!

2.Post your sending Dogecoin address that you control and from where you will later send the Dogecoin! So I can check in the Dogechain and verify it's you who send the Dogecoin. If you care about little more privacy you can also pm me your dogecoin address. Just create a comment where you say you send me personal message with your dogecoin address.

3. Only one Doge EUR Trade per shibe!

4. After I checked the Dogechain I will reply in your comment. Please be patient because I will check the Dogechain manually and it can take a while!

General Guidelines

* Please understand that I will not send any Dogecoin back since the Network fee is 1 Doge and it's to much hassle. The worst that can happen is that you don't get an EUR and you don't get your Dogecoin back.

* If you send more than one Dogecoin, I will accept it as a donation for the Moonpledge project.

* In the case we have a tie (transactions are in the same block), the Shibe with the oldest Moonpledge address wins. If there's no Moonpledge address the oldest address wins.


Getting the Eur with no fees, much prefered:

1. I would love to meet some shibes. If you are in Germany near Rhein/Main, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz we can meet these days, have a little chat and I can give you the Euro in person.

2. Of course I can transfer you the EUR via SEPA Bank account transfer, if you are willing to share you Bank Account data in a personal message.

If you have any idea how I can send the EUR without fees to you please let me know.

Getting the EUR with fees, not so much preferred

1. I also can send you the value of one Eur in Litecoin if you are willing to accept that the network fee will be deducted from the amount. I will use the 24h price from http://bitcoincharts.com/markets/currencies/ to determine the according amount.

2. I have some € in my Paypal account. If you like to get your a EUR via Paypal you can send my your Paypal email via personal message.


Let's get every Moonday one step closer to the moon!

PM me to make a Moonday Moonpledge!

To the Moon - together!

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